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78 GMC 4x4 Wrecker

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This was a snowplow kit but I left the plow off. I built a Chevy like this a while ago and someone wanted one like it so this is what I came up with. I used a chopped up floor from a wrecker kit & built the rest. The person that's getting it is sending me the "Fat Mike's Towing" decals for the doors. I added some wires & hoses under the hood and some poor looking door panels. The last picture is of the other one. Thanks for looking.


SUNP0035 (1).JPG

SUNP0032 (1).JPG


SUNP0022 (1).JPG

SUNP0025 (1).JPG

SUNP0038 (1).JPG

SUNP0003 (2).JPG


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18 minutes ago, vincen47 said:

Love it, especially the front bumper.  

Thanks, I copied it from my fathers old 77 Ford.


17 minutes ago, Captain Spaulding said:

Great job, that weathering looks spot on.

Thanks Cap.


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10 hours ago, bill lanfear said:

Excellent work on this Jay!  The weathering is spot on and the details are excellent.  Is the wheel lift scratch built as well? 

Thanks Bill, I'm a huge fan of your builds. Yeah, the wheel lift, boom, winch, bed sides & bumper are all stuff I built. The lift pivots and everything slides and adjusts for the vehicle being towed. I made it so it can be removed & the old smash & grab sling can be used too, that pivots and moves the way it should too.

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1 hour ago, Classicgas said:

Well done. What kit is the Holmes wrecker bed from?

Thanks, the last picture has the body from the Midnite Cowboy kit, the other one is scratch built. 

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I always enjoy your builds! The weathering is always excellent!! Of course I like tow trucks too. Excellent work!

I like the homemade wheel lift. We considered making something like that for our 69 Ford, but we ended up replacing it with a 93 Ford with a factory wheel lift.

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Another fantastic build Mark. As others have said, your weathering techniques are awesome and the overall look is spot on. As Gerald H said, you are the king of wreckers! 

Cheers, Steve

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