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17 hours ago, charlie libby said:

marcos your car is looking awesome.keep up the great work.takes alot of pride and skill and  you have both

Thank you Charlie, I really appreciate that, but couple day day ago talking to a friend we find out that my engine is seating too high, so I need to do a lot of modifications to the front bars, still thinking how to do it, next week will upload some pictures of how I did that 

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Hello fellas, I was a little bit down with this project because of the engine seating too high, I was talking to my friend Henry and we start talking about this project, and I did mentioned to him that I was thinking on start the chassis all over, so he advised me to just modify the upper bars and bring them down to a better position for the engine, so when I got a chance I decided to do that, came out better then I thought so now my engine seat a lot better and now I can continue with this chassis for the project, thanks Henry...

hope you guys like, any advice pls let me know 







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4 hours ago, Mile High Scale Modeler said:

Love the build so far. Where you are gluing the PE parts to the chassis and also when you had to make adjustments to the chassis where the engine mounts, are you using epoxy? 

Thanks man, glad you like it so far, sorry about the info, need to get use to this new setup on the forum, I pull this pictures so I can show what I did, but the engine mount from the chassis am still working on those because of how small they are, after I have them complete I will make and update on that, still need to do a lot on this chassis.

in the fist picture is how much I have to bring down the upper bars 

min the second picture are the PE I need to move to make this modification accurate as possible 



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Marcos, mid project "adjustments" like this are always a pain, and when creating a new design pretty much a matter of course, even on the full size cars. But the results are always worth the extra work.  Your doing a great job.

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21 hours ago, Ian McLaren said:

Marcos, mid project "adjustments" like this are always a pain, and when creating a new design pretty much a matter of course, even on the full size cars. But the results are always worth the extra work.  Your doing a great job.

Thanks Ian, yes I thought start all over will make a better job at the end, but wanted to continue with this chassis, what a dilema right LOL, but going forward will take more measurements on my fabrication 

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On 6/7/2021 at 5:29 PM, Mile High Scale Modeler said:

I am glad you kept on going with the current chassis. Cant wait to see the next steps you achieve with this build during fabrication.

Thanks man, I was distracted with the Dodge, now I have to wait to some parts to get dry, so Camaro time LOL

Little update on this bad boy, work on engine mounts and some small brackets before shouting some primer, install the door hinges and they work fine, hope you guys like it










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Hi gang, haven.t make any update on this badass project, but is time to come back to it, hope you guys like it...

Change the blower to a PSI blower with hat, started to work on the rear suspensions shocks and they turned out great, no i have the rear high that i wanted, now need to work on the front suspensions to see this project on her own wheels


33 - xCXKdil.jpg

34 - PjRpJs1.jpg

39 - 2Jd0Xp2.jpg

40 - p4iTCUV.jpg

1 - cGKKqL4.jpg

2 - EgUEW2J.jpg

21 - tuNVYoS.jpg

22 - w1k5xrv.jpg

23 - 1M0xJCb.jpg

24 - YHTphMg.jpg

27 - NmkspVg.jpg

29 - KTZk4DA.jpg

30 - na2ZAya.jpg

31 - pwuAPsE.jpg

33 - 7n3cHhR.jpg

35 - 3IRS8vs.jpg

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16 hours ago, Straightliner59 said:

Very nice, Marco! It's always cool, to get them up on the wheels! Keep up the great work, my friend!

Thank you Daniel, yes i get excided every time i put my cars on the own wheels...

11 hours ago, Calb56 said:

This is amazing, the scratch building skills and eye for detail are mind blowing. 

Thank you Charles, much appreciated

8 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

I don't think I commented on your project here Marcos...your  detail work demonstrating your skill is just amazing.  👌

Thank you Mike, i really don't remember but thanks for stopping by and glad you like the project so far

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