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7 minutes ago, JohnnyK said:


Go here to purchase the bolts: https://model-motorcars.myshopify.com/collections/small-parts-hardware 

I use 1.2mm x 6mm and 1.0mm x 3mm stainless steel bolts. They are too long so I cut them with some old nippers. I put my hand into a plastic bag when I cut the bolt so that the bolt doesn't go flying into outer space,


First I cut the plastic bolt heads off with the same nippers that I use to cut parts from a fret. Then I drill a hole to accept the metal bolt. I use super glue to hold the metal bolts in place.

You mentioned that you have some concerns about starting this kit. Is this your first 1/12 scale kit? Building a 1/12 scale kit is way different than building a 1/24 scale kit. I am a retired architect so I tend to be obssessed with details which is why I like these big scale kits.  I would think that if you have been building models for a while you shouldn't have any issues with this kit. Just keep in mind that these kits take a long time to complete.

Thank you very much for the info I appreciate it . Yes when I get back to building 5his will be my first tamiya kit let alone my first 1/12 scale kit . I also have 1/12 scale Honda , Tyrell six wheeler and the Johnny player car looking forward to the challenge might try to upgrade a few parts along the way . The Tyrell and hond came with the photoetch pieces as well . That will be a whole learning experience LOL will be watching this thread for sure . Thanks rob 

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