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International CO4070 Car Transporter

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Hello everybody,

my IH CO4070 Car Transporter is ready.

The Truck is an ERTL Kit. The transporter was built from 2 Revell trailers

I built 6 IH Scouts as a load.

A whole family. 3x ERTL Scout II, 1x AMT Scout SSII, 1x modified First Gear Diecast Scout Terra

and a Scout Pickup from an ERTL Scout.


You can find pictures of the individual scouts here:







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Wow!! I can’t even begin to describe how cool this build is!! All “Red Power!” I like it!!

Excellent work as always!! Nice conversion on the trailer too! Finishing in 2 months, Wow!! Looks amazing! I really like this one!

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Absolutely amazing work! The International cabover is such a great looking rig, especially with that load on the back looking equally a stunning. I have to say, this is one of my favourite big rig builds I've seen so far, I love everything about this. Very very nice work, Juergen!👏

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Those Transtars look good no matter how you build them. This one looks great as a car carrier. The cabover height gives you enough room for a 4x4 to sit on the deck behind it. Top notch work, and an impressive display. Even better, a car carrier with a stinger hitch set up. Couldn’t think of a better truck to haul those IH vehicles. 

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AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! You beat me to it! I was working on the same thing. Only, I'm still in the gathering of kits phase. 

Wow, that looks amazing! Great job on this build. I love the window stickers. Beautiful. Now, I don't know if I'm motivated to get my build going, or depressed someone else was thinking the same way as me, but beat me to it. I'm glad you finished yours, I'll probably take 5 years to finish mine, lol.


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