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Needed 63 Riviera Tail Lights and Rear Bumper


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As Title says I am in search of a 63 Riviera Rear Bumper and Tail Lights Both Stock Please. I don't have the model in hand yet but I am starting the search for the parts I know it needs. Some parts I know I can get from the 65 kit but the tail lights and bumper are not on that list. Thanks!

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No replies yet but here is what my model looks like (still don't physically have it yet) as you can see the rear bumper looks horrible and it is missing the lenses and buckets for the tail lights. I am watching a pair on ebay now. But we all know there is probably going to be that 1 guy who has a deeper wallet than me and needs these parts for his stash. Any help locating these parts if ebay doesn't work is still appreciated 


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I wouldn't waste much time looking for original lenses Jake.

There is nothing special about them.

No particularly unique engraving or detail on them of any kind.

It would be very easy to find a piece of flat clear red lens from another kit and cut your own.

If you can't find anything in red, you could always use clear and hit the backside with some clear red paint.

There's really no reason to give some goof $20.00 for a set of the originals when you can make a set in a few minutes for nothing.





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