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1/8 scale 1985 Corvette Engine Wanted


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I need to get or borrow the engine for the monogram corvette.  I can borrow one so I can cast the lower half with the pan and build a curbside if someone is willing to lend me the engine for a week or so.  

I am not sure what I can offer in trade. Perhaps a NNL Toledo bat mobile kit?

Steve Nowicki

west bloomfield MI. 


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I am going to look for this at the upcoming MacComb swap meet and NNL in November.

If someone here has a short block please bring it and make it prominent, I will have some cash in hand....LOL

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I'm not into race cars at all, and I don't care for most cars older than the 60's (I'll make exception for the 1/16 and 1/12 scale kits, though still nothing pre-war unless it's a hot rod-type). I do like to build mostly 70's and newer cars as well as 60's and newer trucks/SUVs/vans.

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1 minute ago, Oldmopars said:

Did you ever get the engine you needed? I have a fair collection of 1/8 scale kits, all with small block Chevy engines including the 85 Corvette. 

No not yet.  I am gonna look for one in the junk piles at the model swap meet and show this weekend here in SE Michigan.  I only need the block and oil pan as I want to do a curbside (hood doesn't sit right on these).  So I am looking for the short block+pan to insert or one to borrow to make a mold of....

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Oldmopars.  I just went downstairs to check.  The model has two pedals and an auto trans.  

just for fun I am adding a pic of where the original engine went - for my senior thesis model.  1991!


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