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Brbo 2021 Brockway 361 mixer tribute

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7 hours ago, Mopar - D said:

Really nice scratch building Jeff. Its always a great feeling when you put all your pieces that you have made and they actually fit the way you planned it. 

Thanks Dan !  I had to shuffle things around slightly making room for the radiator. sigh of relief when it didn't throw the cab mounts off, all the side details are based of them ! That's the only tricky part about working with resin..normal glue will let go. CA will let go, but then wont stick to itself...sand the offending spot away. I've learned to tack the parts on 1st, then backfill once I'm satisfied.

I went back and forth about which air cleaner this truck would have. The cab comes with the Farr square dry filter, but plenty of photos showed a round canister type w a domed intake top. Scrounging thru my depleted parts box yielded some MacK dm 800 parts I fashioned into a round  filter. the intake piping wanted to run into the hood, so an access cut was made . Next up is the exhaust pipes, then move onto the mixer portion again !!! hooray progress

Guess I've been cleared to return to work Tuesday..just when I was getting rolling on this again . This runny nose cold that's going  rampant around here is getting ridiculous..doesn't anyone just get allergies anymore 

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Small update for Friday !!! One part I neglected to build on my 1st Barney truck was the prominent front shocks . I hadn't finished the pitman arm anyway, so off I went . Couple sections of hollow tube, some hacked eyelets and quick mounts and their done ! 



I mentioned earlier making a new air cleaner body..ill drop them here ! You can see the hood cut out I added for the rubber plumbing.  The red plastic is a dead give away to where I stole the parts lol


One other glaring  bare spot I kept noticing , the shim support  blocks below the front pedestal mount . A few bits of angle, strip and rod gave a satisfactory part 

Here's the part I attempted ..those small hooks are too interesting to leave off , thats next on the list 



I'll detail them out w more meng hardware, check that off list 




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55 minutes ago, Mopar - D said:

Wow Jeff nice progress today. I know where you spend most of your day today. 

LOL !!! Yeah today was a steady bench day . Wife was binge watching some TV show I cant stand, and daughter found out there as a hidden toy stash upstairs in the closest in the model room. We tried to swap a bunch of toys she didnt play with, and stash them in closest..till a donation trip could be made. 

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Mock up day ! I started detailing out the water tank, and bent up the guard rail using my favorite butyl covered wire . Now to finish the body work on the drum and get some primer on 

The water tank was a giant focal point hanging on top..studying photos showed straps , water fill port, water drains  plus all the associated air fittings to pressurize the tank . Starting with C channel for the rubber pads..then wrapped .015 strap around the tank . The fill port is some rou d tube w a cap . Later meng bolts will liven it up


Mock up Monday!! The truck really starts to look enormous now ..better recheck the air in the tires 


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Another update for manic Monday!  I wanted to deal with another issue I recall from the last build . The stock rear fenders are extra long , allowing for tag axles or tri axle set ups..but will need shortened for a tandem. I installed the supplied hangers , mocked up the fenders and eyeballed the desired length.  

Barney trucks ran their fenders backwards,  so after cutting around 3/4" inch of them, I just replaced the tail light panel and side marker light plate . 



Ref photos showed a cool shop crafted chute rack. A few pieces of angle and square tube later I had a rack . I need to add the cleats still for the individual chutes.



Lastly they commonly had a fabricated cover over their front mounted pto pump. I actually built 2 covers , unable to chose between plastruct  diamond plate / flat stock..the diamond plate cover won out .Visible is the frame mounted grab bars too...another BD shop modification. Just before painting the trademark tow chain hanging under the bumper extension will get added too



I'm planning to start primer / paint this week..stay tuned  !!!! 



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  • 2 weeks later...

Took daughters 1st school day off...what better to do to pass the time then PAINT!!!

I sprayed the cab, hood , wheels and frame outside.  Using the implement paint over 5 different colors on the frame surprised me with the quick coverage . 2 light coats had everything even and still showed all the details . 




The rest will be regal red,  then detail painting will break up the monotony


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7 hours ago, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

Looks great! Paint turned out nice!

Thanks Brian  ! Awful time battling mosquitoes while spraying today

7 hours ago, Kingslug said:

Very cool!

Thanks ! 

3 hours ago, Mopar - D said:

Nice paint job Jeff. The paint beings out your extra details. 

Thanks Dan ! I was curious how the details would hold up under the enamel paint . Lucky light coats prevailed.  

I kept looking at the giant water tank , and decided it needed weld beads. CTM makes fantastic pe weld beads , and fortunately I had a few extra pieces from my Heil trailer.  The water fill port got a few missing bolt heads , and the pressurized air fitting on top now has the brush guard.  I kept looking at the tanks from my photos and realized what that piece of angle was for ..let's add it ! Now its ready for prime time 




Back to the grind tomo , and stop by agway for some red paint 

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2 hours ago, Mopar - D said:

I like your details on the water tank Jeff. Looks like the angle iron is for a level gauge. 

Thanks ! I'm getting a little carried away adding stuff , but I have the time to make it look correct . 

Yep thats the water level gage spot . After paint , ill add a clear rod to the fittings 

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  • 3 weeks later...

I had a few hrs to putter with the mixer , I ended up installing the cab, main mixer unit and odd details while larger sections dried.

I found a package of deck plates from moluminum id ordered that I'd forgotten about,  and decided the walking areas needed some boot scrapers.  The fuel tank, battery box and the side air tank rack had small pieces attached. 

I'm really close to final assembly now that its looking more like a mixer.



Once everything is installed..the fun part begins..this won't be a clean truck .

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13 hours ago, Mopar - D said:

Nice progress Jeff

Thanks Dan , getting the mixer to this stage took way longer than expected.  Trying to add more subtle details brings it to life , but burns thru the bench hrs quick lol. 

I'm hoping when its finished to photograph it together with the real survivor truck . 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Update ! I added the iconic mascot and scratched up the 361 hood placard . I'd love to find some tiny numbers to fill in the 361 plate..gotta be some molded to sprus in the parts boxes 

The eyeballs got worked last night fabbing up the windshield wipers . The main arm is 040 rod, w 10x20 strip . The actual wiper blade is also 10x20 glued on edge..kit parts are horribly thick. 



Now the wipers ..their just pinned in place right now to check the shape then ill brush some dull metal / black over parts . The rubber seal around glass was ignored too..oops 


The extra chute rack needed cleats , strips of scrap brass looked to scale. Mocked up w chutes in place . 



Lastly the Barney mixer would be amiss without its iconic log chains under the truck . Strips of 040 made the brackets , and chain from craft store i picked up doing the snow tire chains looked the best in scale . Ill dust these w rusty paint later 


Till the next time ..thanks for following 


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thanks Dan ! I'm getting much closer to weathering the truck, probably seal w hairspray before the cement goes on just in case it goes South. I really want the chutes to have that worn away paint leaving a bare metal slough down the center.

I'm away from the bench a few days, we sold off the saltwater tank..it was costing a small fortune to keep . I started having lousy coral growth and losses , and instead of investing in much more expensive lighting..I'm walking away. Works been really slowing down since I'm employed by an automotive supplier chain..literally timing chain and VCT systems.

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5 hours ago, Warren D said:

I really like your wipers, care to make me a dozen sets?   LOL!

I borrowed the idea from article in classic truck modeler .  Hardest part was setting the wiper angle without sliding off near the glass . Took a few tries on right side 

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