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small bolts and nuts

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1 hour ago, Deuces ll said:

There was a company called "small parts" and they had a thick catalog full of stuff.... I wonder what happened to them...????

I loved Small Parts Inc. (and their excellent reference catalogs).  They carried so many useful products. Amazon bought them out years ago, and killed them.  Well, you can still find some of their items on Amazon, but the stuff is totally disorganized.  I gave up on the "new" Small Parts inc. There is a company in Florida that seems to use the same part numbering system that Small Parts used, but their inventory is much smaller than what Small Parts used to have.

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 Are you looking for actual nuts and bolts or just a representation of nuts and bolts?

If you're just looking for things that look like nuts and bolts but don't actually hold anything together, the best bang for your buck are from ModelClub


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