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Finished and has joined my other recent Jeeps on the shelf. This is the third piece I pulled out of a bag of Jeep parts and junkers I once bought at a show for $10.  

Windshield frame was busted in two. It’s chopped and plastic was also removed at the base to lower it.

The tow bar was added to front bumper just to add interest. It was a rung cut from the scale ladder that’s on the roof of my Dodge Caravan.. never throw anything away! Diamond plate was added to fill that big empty gap between grille and bumper.


Paint is a Krylon Pistachio satin finish paint I tried because I thought it was an interesting color for a $1 Ollie’s deal.  Wheels are from the AMT 53 Ford pickup.

I’m not happy with hood fit on sides but that’s the kit. I may add some plastic to the sides and repaint.


Florida plate “PARTZ” since everything here came from the parts box. I made the tail lights from odd lenses and scrap plastic. Tail gate is functional.


This was a major glue bomb so the wheel wells were sanded smooth and diamond plate was added to the floor.


Chasss got a lot of work. We had no suspension, so all 4 leafs are from the Revell 50 Ford pickup. Rear axle was a broken center pumpkin with Evergreen round axles. It’s 2WD with an Evergreen axle as well.


Maybe before and after? Both refugees from the same bag-0-parts.



Engine is Ford V8 from Falcon Modified Stocker with intake from the original Jeepster kit’s optional drag engine. Valve covers from my parts box. Intake just had a big empty space in the middle so I made the fuel rail.


Interior is simple. Buckets from my parts box, dash gauges I had printed previously for my Jeepsters.  Model Car Garage photo etched seat belt buckles.

This was a fun simple build just for the challenge of making something from nothing. I think this would be fun to drive around.. take out some Camaros with the big eight, manual tranny and headers!


And don’t forget where you came from! The humble beginnings!


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1 hour ago, slusher said:

Great build Tom!  I love the color.  May I ask what brand you used?


Thanks Carl! Here’s the paint.. color is Satin Pistachio.  It did lay nice. Even when I touched up with a brush it blended in. Huge can, I don’t know what else I’d paint this color since I like everything in my case to be fairly unique unless it’s a replica. 

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Very nice build. Sometimes its more fun building from glue bombs and parts box parts then from virgin kits. Your Jeep looks great. Nice combo of parts. Hmm, wonder what I can build from my Jeep box?🤔



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43 minutes ago, Goose1957 said:

Very nice build. Sometimes its more fun building from glue bombs and parts box parts then from virgin kits. Your Jeep looks great. Nice combo of parts. Hmm, wonder what I can build from my Jeep box?🤔



Thanks! That’s pretty much what my box looked like! I even have a red and black body still in the box!  Let’s see what you can do!  

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