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RX Bottle Garage Can

Beau Arthur

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I have been trying to finish a project that has taken seven months so far. However, this little garbage can keeps popping up. I'll wake up from sleeping and this thing will start building itself in my head, so I threw it together to shut everybody up. It seems most of my creations begin as these menacing visions... This was all I was able to capture before the winds of change drifted through and now I'm on to the next for now, but this isn't complete. It needs something, and for now that is some time to breathe.

My future plans are to build a couple dios. Specifically a custom car garage and a Junkyard dio. I have quite a few parts and pieces from kits out of the 90's and Oughts... Enjoy, I'll be back to finish in the future. I am curious to know what other common household items you all are turning into 1/25 scale stuff, feel free to leave suggestions! I felt like I came to this idea organically, although I am sure this has been done before.IMG_1033.thumb.JPG.bff311783d2438fda1e693d20a01afb2.JPG

IMG_1035.thumb.JPG.a47ae0c06ee4985b0018cf9f1b598c0e.JPG IMG_1036.thumb.JPG.c7b5d66616a712d6774fb9ee1002f51c.JPG



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I went ahead at built another can and then I scratched out a giant spool for fun, I built the pallet a while back, just weathered it though. I need to make a mountain of pallets really, I'm gonna need them for something I'm sure of it. 




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