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Ladies and Gentlemen! My 2020 C8 Corvette


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Presenting... my 2020... Rapid Blue... Mid engine...  C8 Corvette!
[crowd cheers as lights turn on to a vibrant rock music tune!]







(Opps, the right tire is sticking out in this pic. that has been corrected)

Ok, I'm glad this is over.  As I have said countless times already, this car is so nice it deserves a proper scale model. But I'm not holding my breath.  The truth is that this is still a sow's ear of a cheap toy with mediocre fit and details.  Having this been a proper model I would probably have done a proper Z51 with 3LT blue or tan interior.  The paint job is far from perfect but I wanted this  finished badly as I was loosing interest due to its shortcomings.

Mods include tons of bodywork, added mirror faces, valve stems, license plate, inspection sticker, seatbelts etc.
Paint is Scalefinishes authentic C8 Rapid Blue lacquer with 500 series clear
Tinted windshield and rear engine cover to disguise the poor interior
All black trim was hand painted (a royal pain in the...) as it is all molded in

What do you think?


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Ismael, if you'd not said anything....I'd think this for all the world was a bonafide newly done plastic kit!

It is THAT nice! :wub::wub:

As far as the 1:1, I've not quite warmed up to this car just yet.....still not quite used to the whole mid/rear engine design. In fact, I've YET to see any of these on the road here in PA. I'm sure the car is quite a stunner in 3D so I'm sure I'll be pleasantly surprised once I see the first one.

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Very nicely done, I am really looking forward to seeing the C9R kit.  Whenever Revell of Germany gets around to it.  Nice color.  The C8, is the mid engine Corvette that the car magazines have been teasing us with for the past 40 years. Finally here, and Chevy, most definingly got it right.

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