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Beemax Mitsubishi Starion GpA Bathurst 1987

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Hi guys,
This is the Beemax Starion kit with decals by SK decals with my own additional decals to convert it to Bathurst spec and SK decals aluminium rims with my own centres. Other mods include a full re-do of the rollcage, single pipe exhaust, LHD conversion and little bits and pieces here and there. The paint is Tamiya TS 26 white, TS 16 yellow, TS 14 black and the red is a custom mix all shot through my airbrush. Check out the WIP for all of the struggles I faced when I was building this little unit.

I detailed the interior with some air jack lines, A control box with toggles and some lines running from the rear cover through to under the dash as well as belts and a better fire extinguisher than the kit item.


I keep the chassis basic with minimal extra work just focusing on keeping it clean.                                                   



A bugger of a kit that needs lots of tweaks to fix many fitment issues but the finished result is well worth it. The kit designers absolutely nailed the proportions and I am totally happy with the end result.

Thanks for looking.




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Shawn, WOW!... The last thing I got to see on this was on your WIP when you were making a scuddle vent from scratch...talk about attention to detail and doing things right! ... Seeing it now all buttoned up, it is amazingly clean and beautifully finished. I was wondering if you could make it look as killer as the box top picture, and you most certainly did.

Great work!

BTW, I’m curious what tape you used for masking off the different colors?... the lines came out very crisp.

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Thanks guys, it was a bit of a patience tester but I really wanted to do this one right and in the end I'm super happy with the result.


18 hours ago, Venom said:

BTW, I’m curious what tape you used for masking off the different colors?... the lines came out very crisp.

I used Tamiya tape. One tip I can give you for crisp lines is don't use the edge of the tape as it comes off of the roll. Put a strip of tape on to your cutting mat and use a fresh blade and a steel ruler to cut a new edge on the tape.



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Love this. Super clean build. These cars hold a special place in my heart. My first car was an 87 conquest tsi. Between my dad and I, we had over 20 of these from 83-89 models. 

I’ve got to get one of these kits, wish they made the tsi later model ones. 

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