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Jaguar XKE/ Corvette Sting Ray - Deadman's Curve


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Very nice Randy. Well done.  I also have the song stuck in my head, thanks. LOL

  Also it just occurred to me the driver of the XKE challenged  the Corvette to a drag, aren't drags in a strait line? 


Sorry , couldn't help myself.



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"But all the Jag could see were my SIX tail lights" ....

Jan's Vette had custom mods i.e. an extra pair of tail lights added.


Nice work on your models. Great paint on the Jag.


I like making sets too. I did the two cars from the movie "Rush" and a set of four cars from the movie "Ford vs Ferrari" and also the two rail dragsters from "More American Graffiti" the Hunt Bros factory dragster and Milner's home made dragster.  Then if you build  Bob Glidden's prostock you have to build Lee Shepherd's too.

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On 3/19/2021 at 10:21 PM, '70 Grande said:

Great builds! The size-comparison between these two cars surprises me a bit; in my mind the XKE seems like it would be a slightly-overall larger car than the Corvette, but your builds really make that XKE seem petite.

Both cars are the same scale. I believe the Jag is a slightly smaller car compared to the Corvette.

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