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I built this kit as a kid, love the box art and am a sucker to try again...with some new skills



The frame is wimpy and the spokes are ok but a bit thick.



So I will re-spoke the wheels and may need to beef up the frame with brass??



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3 hours ago, afx said:

Spokes look much better.  Where did you get the jig you have the bike frame mounted on?

MotoJig I think it was called off eBay...I will have a peek when I get home

It is a bit pricey, but awesome if you build bikes

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2 hours ago, TonyK said:

Your patience and skill are amazing! This type of old motorcycle brings back memories. I look forward to more of your work.

Oh what a nice thing to say...you just made my day. Thank you Tony👍🏻😎

Dead on about memories, this kit was produced in 1976...I was nine and probably made a disaster of it at about age 10. That is a long time ago

The good thing is I remember the weaknesses, so can hopefully strengthen the frame up a bit

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Posted (edited)

So another really weak bit on this kit is the kick stand. I know I broke that as a kid. So, re-engineered one from brass stock and tube plus a flat and soldered it all up. Attached with a screw so the stand can be raised or lowered.


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22 hours ago, Vettegasser said:

Really liking this. Those wheels are awesome. I have a bunch of revell 1/8 choppers  thinking on respoking the wheels on these also

Thank You!

Once you get the rhythm and are organized, it isn’t hard to re-spoke. Simple jig to hold it in place, work your way around the rim

It just cleans up the wheel so much

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Happy Easter!

Husky is up on her own two wheels now, shocks are re-made and both wheels have brass rod through them

Everything  on the running gear is cemented or screwed on and the kickstand works




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