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1963 Chevy Nova wagon


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I always thought Chevy's marketing people missed a golden opportunity with not calling the deluxe Nova the Super Nova, as a distinct model from the Nova SS. So, Chevy II 400 it is.

I have to say, I'm VERY pleased with the new AMT kit. Easily one of the best of their recent products, and I'm looking forward to the next round with the new-design 6, and hopefully a PowerGlide.

I originally planned to do a two-tone with Testors Classic White and Silver Blue. I discovered that all the problems I had with Silver Blue over thirty years ago with another can hadn't changed over the years when I tried to two-tone it. The Silver Blue was also pretty close for the base interior color. Even over primer, it failed miserably.

So, I switched my color scheme to black, using never-fail Tamiya Gloss Black spray, and for a little fun color surprise, I painted the interior in aqua using craft paints that, at least according to the pictures I saw, were pretty close to right.

I've been poking at it the last few weeks, and will probably wrap it up this weekend. I'm debating re-doing the windows, as the tinting came out a bit darker than I planned.

Enjoy the photos.

Charlie Larkin






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