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1970 Challenger / Cuda Shaker under hood decals

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44 minutes ago, Rodent said:

This? Would be easy to resize this and print with an inkjet on white decal paper. Cutting on the edge of the outer border would be tricky, but possible.


MOPAR 70 71 Cuda Challenger Shaker Decal DD0020 for sale online | eBay

That's the one , thanks for posting the pic . 

More thanks for the suggestion , I , however am not very good at printing my own decals , and those thin lines that create the blurry effect seems above my pay grade as far as getting a crisp print .  if this were something super specific or a one off type graphic it'd be worth the trouble of working out the size and the non smearing .

 I am hoping there's something that exists already created by someone more better at decals than me . 

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21 hours ago, Robyn said:

You can also look for Fred Cady decals sheets 286, 287 & 288 (among many others) for the 70/71 Hemi 'Cuda - there is a shaker decal on those sheets. 



Good call , I didn't even know what was on that sheet , I went ahead and ordered one of the cuda sheets . Between challenger and cuda there were at least 5 sets that included a shaker decal . Thanks for the heads up .

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