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Bronco Crawler Build

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Here is my Bronco Rock Crawler, built from a starting point of a stock kit Bronco.  Shot of stock Bronco under carriage for reference.  I knew from the get go it would need a aftermarket engine, a 351CI dual overhead cam tuned ( in theory) and no mufflers to restrict flow was my ticket.

I always start with what parts I think I want in order to mock up where things need to be more or less. First change needed was to move the fire wall back.  The engine was too far forward to allow exhaust and cooling hoses to live in the front area. Reused this fire wall after removing vent areas for cab and heater.  I included  a stock setup shot from my stock Bronco for comparison, original to new.

I also now needed to create a tubular frame to replace the narrow and really useless frame going forward, also scratch built my own custom front and rear axles. Engine mount and center member needed a little floor mod to accommodate this change.Removed inner wheel wells as the monster mudders will be too large to fit. Now a fun part. I decided to create a truck style Bronco not a full cab, so roof modification time.a quick mockup just to see stance, NICE!  After looking at it a while it still was lacking something, left it on the blocks for a few days to ponder the what I was looking for.

Now you can see, a pinched rear end was the what, and we are off again. This rear end change also meant a frame change as well.  No good Rock Crawler enthusiast would drive without a super strong roll cage, here is mine, all scratch.the rear uprights for the shock mounts needed to tie into the cage assembly, so I have started these as well.Completed cage with a small twist. I designed the roof to be able to be on or off, both looking pretty good.  More frame work design to create the front shock towers as part of the frame work. The 351 CID engine sits tall in the frame so added a scoop for air induction. Time to modify the wheel wells and add skirts, mostly for looks.Good finished look though, yes? Disc brakes, winch, grill, front bumper, and my favorite, a little camo paint to look rough. Here, finally changed the dump headers for a set of tuned headers, much better. Drivers seat with a 4 point belt system. Ratfink, a all time favorite of mine. Added a oversize cooling radiator and fan, transmission cooler, Straight exhaust, duel battery system, redundant charging system  All shocks are gas assist, and the suspension  system is a 4 link in the rear and a 3 link in the front, a normal setup for a Bronco. Break lines, bumpers and hooks, and hood pins. A fun build, think it turned out pretty good, my son is a four wheeler, (1976 Ford F-250, he thought it was good too.  Thanks for looking.  MJO





















IMG_1057 2.jpg







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That is good to hear, thank you very much.  This build was a lot of fun. Figuring it all out,  I do this a little different, there is a plan but nothing cut in stone, I let the model tell me where and what the next step is, this way it really has a flow all its own.  MJO

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