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Revell '76 chevy pickup sport

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Been awhile since I finished a build lol. After almost six months and a few set backs I can call this one finished. 

I added quite a few extra details and parts to this one. Here's a list: 

- Fireball models resin wheels/tires
- scratch built floor pan
- removed the moulded hood hinges and installed earth magnets to hold the hood
- filled firewall holes 
- added part box heater box, brake master, heater hoses and a few other engine details. 
- plug wires and photo etch battery cables
- photo etch seat belts and stock steering wheel from a 68 nova 
- Flocked and detailed floor and door panels
- aluminum exhaust tips. 
- mpc k5 blazer mirrors

I'm probably forgetting some stuff but here it is. After having to move during this build and the paint set backs I'm very happy with the way it came out. Now back to some more basic builds lol. #1of 2021 is done.



Thanks for looking!

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Beautifully built. The stripe decals from the kit look just like the original and the Fireball wheels look just like the ones that were on the 1:1 4 x4's Sport Trucks option. The interior and all the little details like your tail lights and mirrors look just like the 1:1. 

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