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King "T"


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A friend gave me the body and Interior parts from the King T and I had a mint Casper`s Paddy wagon in my stash, so this is what I built.  Hope you it.. 









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That is a beautiful build. I love the soft lavender pearl shade you used, very similar to the real car. 

I built one of these many years ago using the frame and running gear from the Carl Casper Fire truck. It is now somewhat dated but like you I have a spare body and interior. I would like to do justice to this iconic Oakland winner.  Can you tell me if the Paddy Wagon has the actual fender unit and grille that you used here, or did you have to modify them or source them from elsewhere?



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Nice work! Came out pretty darn good for a kit bash. I have a original issue kit of this car in my stash in storage. Just so happens that i also have a ton of pictures of the real car during the restoration as i put a lot of it together myself along with my boss. I'll get on my other computer and post a pic or 2. 

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I love it ! The paint color, pinwall tires, and brass details make it look bang-on for a car show circa 1965 or so.  I dig all the very delicate-looking details, the flat fenders, the windshield frame and crank, spindly independent suspension, wide stance...just a neat style that we don't see much any more.

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