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Monogram/Hasegawa 1/25 Porsche 904


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Very cool!  Been curious about the Monogram 904 kit. I love the 904. The one in  the shop is sweet  lots of cool machinery there.

Never heard of the Hasegawa/Monogram alliance before. Were there other kits from this venture?

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Isn’t this the original old Aurora kit, certainly looks like it on the sprues. Monogram had a one piece shell of the 904 which did double duty as their slot car as well. Seems odd to see the Hasegawa label attached to this re-release.

Cheers Misha

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Hi all added some of the masking for the white stripe.


The engine in the kit is the 4 cam engine the one in the workshop is the 904/6 which is what I'm supposed to be basing this on 


I don't think I can modify the 4 cam engine into a 6 cylinder boxer engine  so I suppose I will have to try scratch building one 🤔 not sure my skills are up to that but we will see, and there I was thinking this would be an easy build:banghead:

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