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Callaway Grand Sport El "Cormino"


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This was another stalled (5 years stalled!!) project I pulled out and finished.

Paint is all lacquer: Blue base is Deja blue with True blue pearl. White stripes are masked and painted. Wheels are c6 Corvette with large Brembos behind them, tires are from the Foose c7. Photoetch emblem, rear sidemarkers, and door handles. Oh yeah, I made the front marker lights out of clear grand sport markers sanded and reshaped because the Callaway markers are tinted. 🙄

When taking on something this complicated there are bound to be fitment issues which was an understatement.....the chassis had to be stretched 3/4 of inch to accommodate the new wheelbase, which meant new exhaust, driveline, new interior which is c4 Grand Sport.....yada yada yada. Lol on to the pics








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Beautiful looking build and even with the 3/4 inch stretch you didn't lose the body proportions and that isn't easy. The chassis has a great lightly used look. The bed cover looks very realistic.  

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I never liked the front fascia of the Callaway Corvette. But this is not your fault ;) 

The conversion to a pick up turned out awesome! That looks very good. Did you added some fender flares?

Well done!

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