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1/24 Italeri Mack Superliner II Australian road train hauler

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The Renault 360 that I ordered from Italeri finally showed up yesterday so I got started with assembling the Mack E9. This is a European version and a lot of stuff had to be changed to make this correct to what I'm modeling.

  Ok, here we go. I have the E9 together. I had to do some modifications to it to make it more like a actual E9, not a European version.

20210409_173707.jpgI had to move the starter from this side to the other side, also I added the chrome part to make the oil cooler. I put the rear piece from the Cummins NTC-400 with the trans cooler on the E9 transmission.

20210409_173727.jpgcloser view of the oil cooler and oil filters.

20210409_173019.jpgthis view shows the piece I removed from the Maxidyne engine from the DM800 and added to the bell housing for the starter.  I also had to modify the part that goes on this side to move it forward to clear the starter.

20210409_173745.jpgcloser view of the changes made to this side. I had to remove the oil pan from the kit supplied E9 for the Renault 360 because it has a front sump and I need a rear sump, so I kit bashed one together from an old oil pan from the parts bin and the left over part of the oil pan from the kit to make the one that is on it.

20210409_174019.jpgtop view of the engine showing the turbos that I added from the parts bin because the kit ones were ass backwards and centered. I also added fuel injector tube fittings to the fuel injector pump. I also added a piece to the intake manifold cross pipe for the inter cooler pipes. I still have to add the fuel lines and the rest of the plumbing.  

20210409_173609.jpgbottom view showing the oil pan and other parts.

20210409_173525.jpgthis view shows the fan and the alternator form the DM800. I made a fan belt for this because the kits alternator was on the other side. I still need to add a fuel filter by the alternator.

20210409_173922.jpgthis view shows the turbos and the mods I had to make to get them to fit.

20210409_172733.jpgthis view shows the engine sitting in the frame and the inter cooler pipes in place.

20210409_172512.jpgthis view shows the inter cooler pipes.

20210409_172313.jpgview from the other side showing the inter cooler pipes. I have to modify them because they sit to tall and the hood won't close.:wallbash:

20210409_172223.jpgthis view shows everything together. I painted the wheel centers a dark orange and Molotow chrome on the rims and details. Well that's it for now be back with more updates soon.

Ron G 

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         Great project . I like all of the detail you are adding . And the driver looks great as well .

As for him not fitting. You might sand some off his butt and hamstrings. To get him to sit lower .

As well as sanding the bottom of his boots smooth.

A little carefully applied heat to bend his leg to rest on the gas pedal  might work as well.

 I like the plumbing you are doing .  And can related to not being able to see what you are doing.

That is the reason I quit trying to do all that finite detail work.


  Be Well


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