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Orchid Silk 1965 Lincoln Done!

Karl LaFong

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I finished my 1965 Lincoln today.  Build details and engine compartment pictures can be found here:

Orchid Silk - 1965 Lincoln Custom - WIP: Model Cars - Model Cars Magazine Forum

No major issues assembling this kit - I did have to slightly enlarge the body opening for the interior so that the interior would fit, and the back of the front grill had to have some material removed from the back so it would sit flush.  Otherwise, an enjoyable build.

20210330_165929.jpg.95b37e428d9edfd68ee02cde54235df2.jpg  20210330_165942.jpg.b0b64eee34d0a44820f877951fe0aad5.jpg

20210330_184206.jpg.e1ea950f0df756bf57404ebe7ea59011.jpg   20210330_170046.jpg.c985fe44dbaf34a812b2f8fadcd1f60b.jpg






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I agree with everyone else on the color, it really looks perfect with the mild customizing parts used hear.  Very cleanly done trim.  

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