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1970 Plymouth Cuda Hemi


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Hi guys, there is my 3rd Mopar build of this year 🙂. Revell kit, painted with lacquer Modelmaster Plum crazy. Wheels are from Scenes Unlimited and tire decals from Fireball Modelworks.

Thanks for looking.











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Stunning build! Your paintwork is phenomenal. It's a bit of a shame that the Hemi Shaker air cleaner is so large that it hides some many engine details... sure would be fun to have a 1:1 of this build parked inside my garage!

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Fantastique ! Plum Crazy ( Plymouth called it In-Violet ) looks amazing ; better than the best paint job from Hamtramck ( Detroit , Michigan ) for certain .

I enjoy your attention to the detail of separating the stripe at the rear-most door line -- that is often-times overlooked . 

Keep up with the great work , @iSewen!

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Fantastic build Michal!  The kit itself, despite its small flaws is of great quality, but your final product is certainly first class.  The paint and assembly are absolutely flawless.  You can be proud of your work sir!   By the way, this beauty would command a very high price at a Barrett Jackson auction. 💲

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Fantastic looking build, I just love those wheels with the caps. I don't know why they don't include steelies in these mopar kits because although they were usually thrown out on day two they're more original than the usual Cragars that come in nearly every kit! I have tons of Cragars in my spares stash but very few steelies with caps if any. Very nice build, man, looks amazing.

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