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1949 Talbot-Lago F1

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6 hours ago, papajohn97 said:

Amazing job on those one-piece clear wire wheels. How did you paint the spokes? Free-hand? Dry-brush? Beautiful job overall.

The wheels came out much better than I expected.  I just dry brushed the spokes with Testors Chrome silver, nothing fancy.  Thanks to all for the compliments!

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Very nice build and well worth the effort. There are not many kits in 1/24th scale of racing cars from the 50's.  That old Merit Talbot Lago kit has certainly been around a bit via different manufacturers over the years.

Back in the day this kit and the Alfetta that Merit made were described as superkits  as they had  rudimentary engine detailing included. The little Cooper was the only other Merit kit that I can remember having engine detail.

The others in the series were as far as I can remember were kerb side models. They used to supply the clear plastic inserts for the wire wheels with a decal with the spoke pattern on them.

Heller also did a Talbot Lago from about the same era that was from their own tooling, so probably a bit more detailed as a kit.

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