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AMT 70.5 Z28 Camaro


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Hey its gettin warmer,,happy spring to all.  Just finished the AMT 70  1/2 Camaro,,I wanted it orange,,similar to box art,,but I used flat black primer,, sprayed w/Testors quikdry   "Flaming  orange"  it turned out  "Rootbeer Brown metallic"  ,,which is ok too I guess.   I should have used red or orange primer to get a better orange effect.  Changed out the kit tires with some larger /wider profile,,added some basic wiring in Ebay,,made some seat belts from x-tras bx ,,hand painted the trim work. I do use BMF  at times but not all the time,,depends on how crisp the molding  work is on the kit to begin with.  `Fun kit to do,,now on to my  68' Shelby GT-500  in pearl green,with the drag pack version!  Thanks for lookin,,and get out and enjoy the warmer weather!  Cheers.








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On 4/11/2021 at 11:34 AM, espo said:

Great clean looking build. The color still looks orange on my screen. The saddle colored interior looks correct also. 

Thanks all,,yea its kindof a dark orange,,was hoping it would have been more 'orange"  than it is.  Thanks for looks.

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Very nice build and I think the exterior color looks great on this Camaro. The interior color also complements it well. 

I used this color on a build and while I liked what I saw I didn't think it matched at all with the cap on the can which was a much brighter orange. 

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