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1992 Winston Cup Champion Alan Kulwicki Hooters Underbird

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Continuing my Championship builds, I thought I'd get out Alan's Hooter Underbird to build. Started with a Valvoline Thunderbird kit, worked on the nose seem, sanded down the bumper returns on the quarter panels, filled the recess body line thru the doors since pictures I've found showed those items were not there. Testors Classic White Laqcuer and Tamiya TS-12 Orange, coat of Tamiya Clear. Glued the chassis together and just used Tamiya Gray Primer with a coat of Tamiya Semi Gloss clear. Powerslide tire decals, Testors Dullcoat on tires. 






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Tamiya Insignia White, which is from their aircraft paints, gives exactly the right shade of gray in a matte finish. Might save you some time and $$ if you only spray once. If you prime it first, a moot point.

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37 minutes ago, 89AKurt said:

The only NASCAR race I attended was in Phoenix, where he won and then did a victory lap the other direction.

I was there too. The "polish victory lap" is what they called it. I believe it was his first win.

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Posted (edited)

Finished decaling this evening finally. Not 100% with MY decal job but it don't look too bad. Some of the small associate sponsors low I'm not sure about but it will do. The hood decal could have been slid down a little as well. The passenger side 7 could have been slid back a little to allow more room for the fender sponsors.




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good looking model  I didn’t notice the side number location being off until I went back and looked after reading it  only thing that caught my attention as wrong was the yellow goodyear lettering  l every picture i’ve seen show them as white (but those may be just publicity shots on the old white (bias ply) tires and not actually raced on the yellow (radial) tire that was first used in that race

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