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Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Roadster Italeri 1/12

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Italeris second version of the Alfa Romeo 2300. I did some detailing with bolts ,rivets, cables,  and also the reinforcement  on the fender supports.

The seat is made from a wallcovering. Painted With Tamiya TS-11 Maroon


172135405_912696732839646_8248961004265300802_n - kopia (2).jpg

172292186_933951584039769_8711505484413443067_n - kopia.jpg


172074457_279992943663316_2035898460115717853_n - kopia.jpg


171887404_3709234789202664_6469746794670824284_n - kopia (2).jpg

171847438_586402495667624_2015303961946651489_n - kopia (2).jpg

171979584_1553846514817280_7784397133644033431_n - kopia (2).jpg

172154220_2859279237672624_3806146542357406390_n - kopia (2).jpg

172276916_799018061023480_7883078727121070630_n - kopia.jpg

172198197_1647861415602857_1848656998424656161_n - kopia.jpg

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I have always admired this engine design with the cam and supercharger drive at the center of the engine- greatly reduces cam shaft torquing. Your model looks totally realistic- beautiful job!

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Real nice job Thomas and it has just the right patina too. Well done!!

I have the Meffistofilies to finish and the Fiat  806 Grand Prix to so sometime.

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