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Tamiya 1:12 Matra MS11

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This is my first WIP here.




Got some basic clean up and a little construcion done:



The fit of this air intake was attrocious with nothing to glue it too so I had to add some thin strips of styrene to give it some support and of course now it will need a little filler before spraying.







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Gerald, no it didn't come with the motorised bits but it still has the battery compartment. The kit instructions are dated 1998.

Made a start on the engine.

Tamiya's callout for the transaxle colour is black but in most of the photos I've seen of the !;1, It's more of a charcoal colour. So I did it with Alclad Burnt Iron..... still looks a bit black though. Will see what I can do to change that later.

Tamiya also supplies red wire for the HT leads whereas most of the photos I've researched show yellow plug leads. I don't have any yellow wire of the correct diameter so have settled for what Tamiya supplied.







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Not being happy with the colour of the transaxle, I changed it to Gunmetal which I believe is much closer to the 1:1.




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Hi Bill,

Ah! I hadn't noticed that the box art I posted is the recent Tamiya/Ebbro colaboration. Mine is the original Tamia kit:

Glad to have you on board.



s-l1600 (1).jpg

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Thanks Trevor.

I'm moving house at the end of June so I'm afraid this one is going back in the box, just way too much to do to carry on building.

Catch you guys on the flipside in September.

Take care all and stay safe.



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