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86 monte carlo dirt st.stock

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Really not sure where to put this. Got an 86 monte carlo body , no chasis. So I though what to do with this.💡 Got some nascars that I'll never build so, gona modify the nascar  chasis to the monte and convert it as close as I can to a dirt st. stock. Then I will have something to put on the race trailer I scratched out a couple years ago. Pics coming soon.

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Making a little progress on the street stock. Got chassis fitting. Made some interior panels and firewall. Going to scratch build all the support bars for the front. As always comments welcome.





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Made a little more progress on the stocker. Got the filler panels done. Made some side skirts, didn't take pics of them. The tires are dirt track tires that I narrowed. The hood is scratched from 0.040 styrene. As always comments welcomed.




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Going to be a sweet short tracker.  Keep those updates coming.  Of the 14 builds in my limited display, 7 are short trackers - one of my favorite build styles. 

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6 minutes ago, cheyenne93 said:

Thanks. This is my second short track that I have built did an IMCA modified a couple years ago. Everything on that was scratched except the chassis.

Here are a couple of pics of the modified.



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Got the chassis painted and the body primed. Wired the engine. Car is going to be citrus green and black. Shortened the bottom edge of the side skirts. 






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Looking good. Your air filter is backwards though. That's a shield to protect the filter from dirt and hot air off the rad and water if it leaks. NASCAR used them that way to take in air off the windshield cause it's a high pressure point on those cars. What I like about it is the drilled grill and the bend on  the side skirts like so many of those cars run. I ran dirt for years before going asphalt and road courses. 

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Posted (edited)

I love this build. Cannot wait to see her slinging dirt!

Can I toss in some advise? Get some 1/48, 'O' scale, 7/8 head Archer rivets (made for railroaders) for along those side skirts, spoiler, nose, ect.  I used the 1/2" head rivets on a truck build and they look good but to small so the 7/8 should be good.

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