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2008 Mustang GT500KR

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My fourth completion of the year, shooting for twelve but who knows if that'll actually happen LOL.  A pretty good kit overall, however I did make a few modifications.  The biggest gripe with this kit is the ride height and truck like tires.   I lowered it using a Bob Downie article from an issue of SA.  Pretty easy to do by just removing some material from the back side of the brakes, allowing you to mount them higher up on the spindles & axle.  The kit tires were ditched and some Pegasus 225/45-18's Michelin Pilot Sport's took their place.  The Michelins are a little wider than the rims and stick past on the inner side a bit but it doesn't bother me.  One could add some material to widen the rims accordingly if you wanted.  Also, the nicely done metal exhaust tips were replaced, as I thought they were a little on the small side, with some made from aluminum tubing.   It's Krylon Short Cuts Flat Black for the interior, which I think does a wonderful job simulating leather.  It doesn't show great in the pics as I had a hard time getting a half-ways decent in focus pic of it.  For the exterior it's plain old Model Master Gloss Black lacquer, with their gloss cote over it.  The gloss cote was very temperamental and came out a little foamy and with a slight milky looking hue.  It's the same clear I used on my Thunderbolt I completed earlier in the year and it was just fine then.  I didn't want to strip the whole shebang so I polished it out the best I could and ended up being pretty happy with the outcome.  Tamiya Smoke was used for the window tint and on the wheels.  I guess that's about it, so on to the pics, thanks for looking and any comments/questions.













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Super nice looking Mustang Tony! The lowering and better tires made a huge difference! Topped off with a slick as glass black paint job. It doesn't get any better! Nice work!

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Looks so much better properly lowered and replacing the kits lousy tires,i'm working on the 2010 GT500 kit,but i can't find better tires to use,but i did lower mine using the SA article.

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Thanks a lot for the comments everyone.  I don't know why I put off building one of these pony's for so long as they are a pretty decent kit from what I experienced.

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This looks great Tony!  If I didn't know better, I would say that you had borrowed some of my ideas from me.  Like how to lower these Mustangs and changing the tires.  But, that's okay!

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