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Revell 1971 Plymouth GTX - with VG30DE swap


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Yes, another GTX from the recent Dom's Fast and Furious GTX kit. 440 was swapped out with a Tamiya Nissan 300ZX V6, featuring a heavily modified Ford GT Supercharger and Twin Turbocharged setup with resin turbos. Custom intercooler setup made from plastic sprue and a parts box radiator. Wheels and tires are the custom units from the Revell '70 Cuda with disc brakes from a 99 Mustang Cobra. Blasphemous to Mopar fans, yes. Unique and uncommon, you bet! 

Exterior is Tamiya TS-97 Pearl Yellow over Rustoluem Yellow, all cleared with Pledge.







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That's the look I went for with mine.  I bought some decals to make it look more stock, and they dissolved  when touched too long.  I only got a couple of them on and they were starting to dissolve a bit too.  I had to use a little paint to touch them up.  They were also not lined up right; they'd start to break a little when moving them into the right spot.  The model didn't come out bad, but it wasn't what I wanted either. 


Looks great.  It was a good kit.  I just with they had added stock decals as well.

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