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AMT 1971 Dodge Charger - Gluebomb resto with Toyota 5M-GE swap


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MoparFans, geeeet out whillee youuuu stiiillllll caaaannnnnnnnnnn!!!!

15yr old gluebomb resurrection with tons of replacement parts and a major drivetrain swap. Rear spolier was lifted from a '70 Mustang Boss, and suspension was lifted from a parts Revell '69 Charger. The kit's exhaust was rebuilt using sprue and modified tailpipes from a AMT Silhouette. Grille covers are pieces from the MPC '69 Charger slightly trimmed to fit around the '71 grille.

Engine is a Toyota 5M-GE I6 from a heavily gluebombed parts MPC '83 Celica Supra. Modifications are a custom supercharger setup and a resin big turbo with custom plumbing and a parts box raditator. Wheels are from a Revell 2010 Shelby GT500, with front tires from a AMT '95 Supra and rears from the custom wheels belonging to a Motor City Muscle '70 Mustang.

Interior is Rustoluem Flat Dark Brown, and exterior is TS-73 Clear Orange over Rustoluem Silver, all cleared with Pledge.






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