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1/16th CHP Model A Police Sergeants Car


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This build started life, set to be a stock Model A. Then I found some photos on the web of a restored CHP Sergeants car and it occurred to me to replicate it and send it to JohnJ, (a retired CHP cop) as gift to my very special friend.

But then things developed further with a trip to to USA to see John and take in Bonneville Speed Week, so I had the perfect opportunity to present it personally to him in his own home.

It was a long and sometimes troublesome build, (particularly the bases of the A pillars) but it was all worth while to see the look on John's face when I gave it to him. Words cannot describe it.

My thanks must go to Dave (From Pleasanton) for researching and coming up with the correct period CHP badge, without which the build could not have been properly finished. Thanks Dave.

My thanks must also go to John for getting them printed for me. Thanks John.

Lastly, the kit came with Just one California license plate. Correct I believe for a standard road car but I'm informed that the police cars had them at the front and rear. However, John is going to print a pair of period plates and mount them to finish it off properly.
















The handsome one on the right is me!! LOL



A few weeks ago, John paid a visit to Modelzona model show in Arizona. Without telling me, he entered the Model A by proxy and it took first place in it's class.




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Very nice. The attention to detail makes this come alive. I agree, great back story on the build. I built this kit years ago to replicate my late brother in laws car. Came out good, buts yours is much better than my effort. I seem to recall similar issues with the A pillars. Again, very nice build.

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