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Panzer II (Retreat from Leningrad continues)


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This is the sequel to my  Panzer II. 'Luchs'. (Retreat from Leningrad') diorama


Another absolute blast doing this one and more fresh learning.

This time the tank is Tamiya's Panzer Kampfwagen II Ausf. F/G, the base and wall are from Field of Glory Models, the crew are Mini Art's German Tank Repair Crew and the equipment is Italeri's Field Tool Shop.

I completley botched up the connections at the tops of the gas bottles and had to make my own. I also made and added the hoses and substituted the welding torch for a better one from a  Fujimi Garage Tools kit

There were no chains for the block and tackle so I added those too. The compressor also got an air hose.

May 27th 1942 and our tank and crew have been sent back to the field shop, away from the fearsome snow and  behind friendly lines for repairs and a few days R & R. Meanwhile the repair crew have set to work doing basic essential repairs. 

However, badly rusted as the tank is, resources and time do not allow for a fresh coat of paint. 'Make do and mend' is their watch phrase now.












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