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Revell Acrylic Paints - How do these things open?

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So I picked up some Revell steel spray and acrylic paints today. I've tried the Revell RBR Blue spray, and I was pretty pleased with it, so I decided to try the steel spray. I picked up a steel acrylic "box" too to try the brush paints.

I pretty much figured out the spray can without too many problems (hint: it's like all the Testors cans), but the little box thing kind of confused me. It's got a little flat cap on it with arrows on it, but no obvious way to turn it. There are little diagonal dashed lines printed on the side, and a catch looking thing on the front. I cut along the diagonal lines, and ended up opening it like a ring or watch box. Paint went all over the place. Apparently there is a little tube (meaning thumb size versus fire hose size) inside that contains the paint, and I managed to spill it.

So what did I do wrong? Anything? What is the right way to open them?


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51 minutes ago, Rakentaja said:


Perfect! Thank you so much  - those were a huge help. What I should have done is to rotate the top part (that converts to the pallette). What I did was to lift the catch straight up. I'll try again - the right way this time.

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