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Ford GT 2017 in "Liquid Red" (w/ scratch-built extended rear wing)


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Hi folks,

yes, this is the 20-something parts-count Revell snapper... 

My son built this one box-stock some years ago and I always liked this kit. Proportians and detailing are pretty good. Due to the complexity of the body with its rear air tunnels, the main body and the read end are modeld as 2 separate parts which come but glued already in the snap-kit. So for the purpose of properly painting the body, these 2 parts have to be separated, more like: broken apart. Once that's done, game on!

Many people don't know that the 1:1 car comes with an extendable rear wing which IMHO looks pretty cool. The sad part is that neither the Revell snapper nor the (much more expensive) Tamiya kit offer the option to build the car with the wing extended. So I decided to scratch-build the wing extended, using the the cut-out wing from the body and some parts from the parts bin. It's not perfect but it has the cool look I intended.

Painting has been done in Ford GT "Liquid Red" with a 2-part color set from Gravity Colors. 2K clearcoat on top of that. As I figured the car needs a center stripe, I cut this from from carbonfibre decals I had. 

I further added the Ford logo, an Arizona plate and windscreen wipers.

Here we go:




































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Excellent paintwork, great detailing, the spoiler looks like it was supposed to be there, what's not to love.

Good call on the Arizona plate too. Millionaires may live in California but they hide out in Arizona. In certain parts of the Phoenix area, it's not at all unusual to see cars like this.

David G.

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