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LEGO buck to straighten bodies/chassis

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I’m sure the subject of warped/ twisted bodies, windshield frames and frames has been discussed many times on here but I thought I’d take a moment to share my solution on here with everyone. If it’s been brought up before than I apologize in advance. Anyway here’s a few pics and brief explanation...

FIRST..... you must be patient. It’s takes up to a couple months to conform depending on the plastic. I went out and bought a big tub of a basic lego set. I assemble the legos to form a solid,even base to clamp the part to. When I’m happy with the contact points I clamp the part to the buck. Do not clamp it really hard as it could cause more warping or distortion. I clamp it until the part is to the point I want it to end up then go a tiny bit more. Next you’ll need a heat source. I have electric baseboard in one of the rooms in my house. I position the buck and part about 3 foot above the heater and leave it alone for at least a month. At that point I let the heat cycles from the heater do it’s thing. This method has worked for me EVERY time but like I said earlier it takes time. During the summer months this will likely not work for most as your heat will probably not be on. I save most of these repairs for the winter time for that reason. I would definitely caution against constant heat or putting the set up too close to the heat source. Hopefully this helps someone. 






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Sorry, forgot to mention that this 64 tempest body was warped pretty good and worse the windshield frame was crushed on the driver side although nothing broke. All problems have been fixed using the above method..... and patience.

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Yes the genuine LEGOs (not the cheap knockoffs) are very precisely molded, and have uses in our modeling tasks (like building an enclosure for pouring RTV molds, or the task documented here.

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