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This is an FM re-work to make it look more like the full size car and less like a toy. The biggest change are the wheels and tires from the Lindberg SSK kit. They feature carefully painted black spokes, molotow chrome locking rings at the outer edge, and copper brake drums behind the spokes. I kept the FM spares on the back, but painted the spokes black to match. The interior came with a black seat and red carpet. I painted the seat and sides of the cockpit red to match. The front axle and brake backing plates were repainted from black to white, and the edges of the drums painted copper. The outer rims on the back side of the wheels are from AMT '27 T wheels, just the rims with the spokes cut out. I used some black and gray artist acrylics to represent shadows in the lightning holes in the chassis, making them more three dimensional. That's about it. Enjoy!

My SSKL 15.jpg

My SSKL 11.jpg

My SSKL 9.jpg

My SSKL 8g.jpg

My SSKL 5.jpg

My SSKL 3.jpg

My SSKL 1.jpg

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Guys, thank you for the compliments. I must apologize though. I should have posted this in the Diecast section. I don't mean to misrepresent the work here. This was just a fun, quick rebuild before I got back to serious body work on a plastic kit project. Following are photos of what a full size MB SSKL looks like, and what a Franklin Mint version looks like, typically on ebay for like $20. 😀




My SSKL 8g.jpg

FM SSKL 1.jpg

FM SSKL 5.jpg

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