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Revell 1966 Shelby Mustang GT 350H

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I really can't call this a Shelby because I messed the decals up. Decals and I just don't get along.  So I made due with what actually kind of stayed together. The decals were the reason for the gold interior. The color is from an old Duplicolor. You know when they had the smaller cans. So I don't know the color. But it's actually a very dark metallic blue. 






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Nice contrast with the black and gold interior.  Many moons ago when I built this kit I scraped any notion of using decals and painted the stripes.  What I did not know at the time was how they were not straight as many assumed but got narrower in the front and back.  Of course 1/24 of an inch isn’t much when you scale it down but you can clearly see the difference on the front.32E617FB-677E-4138-B6DB-883E8615FCFB.jpeg.30f457f2ab6f3e956933c30ff718f542.jpeg


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To help make decals work better do these things.

Add one drop of dish soap to the puddle of water you soak your decal in.

It will give you much more time to slide it around into perfect alignment.

Use white vinegar and a cotton swap to clean and wet the surface of the model just before you place it.

Use the same swab to gently push it around.

Use the dry end to gently wick up the moisture from the decal once placed.

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Yep, I had the same problem with the decals. Getting the stripe to tuck into the curves of the hood scoop and front and rear valence is a b****!!! 

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