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Revell Kustom Chopper "Torch"

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I bought this as a started project and never having owned a motorcycle or having built a kit I tried my best to figure out how it went together. The previous builder customized the frame and added some turned aluminum parts. I did a custom paint job using three color layers and decals between the second and third. I also airbrushed many of the parts with Molotow Chrome. I made the lip for the front fender to match the rear and made the seat. 

I really like how low this bike sits and the overall look. One of the pics includes a stock kit frame for comparison. I hope you.like it and I am looking forward to finishing the second customized one I got.









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Thanks Fellas!

1 minute ago, crazyjim said:

Gorgeous build. 

I have a bunch of the Revell chopper kits and 2 boxes of parts if you're ever looking for more.

Thanks Jim. I don't believe I need any more unless it would be another frame or tires. I managed to get 7 parts kits that included 3 frames and 3 sets of tires.


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2 hours ago, Perspective Customs said:

Beautiful work. That's one bad a$$ bike. Maybe not too comfortable to ride though. Great job!


1 hour ago, vintagedragcrazy said:

has an awsome job i think its the best build of that kit i ever saw!!!!!!


Thank you guys for such kind comments! I appreciate it. 


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7 hours ago, bbowser said:

Very cool!  Only thing I would change is the chrome brake disc.  Really nice work.

Thank you! Really good call on the chrome brake disc. Don't know why I didn't think of it. I'll have to see if I can get a brush in there. I'll definitely change that on my next one.


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