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1964 Mercury Marauder

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amt's reissue from 1995 - painted with automotive laquer rattle cans - my first intensive use of Bare metal foil (a lot was needed !) - built in 1995/96, pics are from 2005 and 2008:



and here with its company cousins...



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On 5/9/2021 at 9:02 PM, Tom99 said:

Excellent builds.

Thanks, Tom!


On 5/9/2021 at 9:19 PM, bisc63 said:

Both are very nice looking. Well done.

Thank you , Rusty!


23 hours ago, ChrisR said:

Very nice!

Thanks, Chris!


23 hours ago, carrucha said:

Cool build.  Well built and finished.

Thank you, Hector.


23 hours ago, Classicgas said:

Nice.  Great color. 

Thanks, Lee!


22 hours ago, Dan Hay said:


Thanks, Dan !


21 hours ago, Geno said:

WOW!!!!! Those are stunning.😎

Thanks, Gene - glad you like them!


20 hours ago, michelle said:

nice work on both 

Thank you, Michelle!


20 hours ago, the goon said:

Looks great. 


Thanks, Mark!

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18 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

Very nice Marauder Helmut, the Galaxy nice too👍

Thank you, Mike - I like those body styles (the Galaxie was the Blueprinter reissue - I ordered 2, built one stock and cut the roof off the second to transform this into a convertible)


17 hours ago, charger74 said:

It looks very good 

Thanks, Eric !


17 hours ago, BeakDoc said:

Really nice looking Merc! Great color choice.

Thank you, Chris, I don't remember the name of the color, but back then I bought a bunch of duplicolor automotive laquers at a big sale and used them for different car kits.


17 hours ago, bh1701 said:

Those are all very sharp! Great work!



Thank you, Bart, for the compliments!


16 hours ago, Kromolly said:

Love the Mercury. Excellent job!

Thank you, Roy - this is one of my better models.


6 hours ago, slusher said:

absolutely fantastic looking Mercury!!

Thanks Carl - I have sold off most of my American car models, but will keep this one.


3 hours ago, ewetwo said:

They are beautiful.


Thanks, David.


3 hours ago, Hi-Po said:

The Mercury is simply beautiful.

Thank you, Terry.


25 minutes ago, PappyD340 said:

Super nice pair, love the 64 Galaxie that was my first car only difference mine was red on red, well done!

Glad you like them, Terry - I can only imagine how it would have been cruising along in a '64 Galaxie...

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23 hours ago, thatz4u said:

very well done..

Thanks, Al !


21 hours ago, Kodiak Island Modeler said:

I think that I have found another modeler with a shrink ray. 😁  Your artistry is fabulous.

Thanks, Doug - but this seems fairly exaggerated -. there are lots of modelers here on the board that build better models.


16 hours ago, Bainford said:

Beautiful Merc, and looks great paired with the Galaxie. Nice work. 

Thanks, Trevor - I like these bodystyles.

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