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Anyone make ‘80s GMC/Chevy Pickup hubcaps?

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Bill over at Rookie Resin used to make the Chevy version, but he closed up shop a few months ago. He mentioned possibly reopening his business in the near future, so be on the lookout for that. Besides him, I haven't seen anybody else make them.


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There are some that are similar in the AMT Police Van kit. I would have to dig out a kit to check. Might also check with Casey here on the forum, he casts a bunch of different wheels and may have those.

If you do decide to offer them up, I would be interested in several sets of Chevy and GMC.

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Just saw this topic and coincidentally I've been working on some wheel covers for an '86 Blazer project I hope to start soon, converting an MPC Deserter because all the vintage kits are $$! I don't have any appropriate Chevy wheels, but I did mock up the caps on some AMT '40 Ford reversed wheels that are similar.  It's been tricky trying to exaggerate the detail juuust enough so it'll look OK with paint.


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