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Roadster Pickup Scout kinda thingy

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Hi... I started this about 10 or so years ago, had an accident with the body then lost interest and finally humidity messed up the paint. So, Last year I started a rebuild, changed some things and here’s where we are at now...



















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15 hours ago, Luis Ayala said:

Great Job on this one brother!!!  A ton of work to get there... but really rewarding in the end.

Once all is glued and painted sometimes is hard to tell how much work was put into it...


Thanks bro... 👍🏼

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Well , had a dejavú kind of thing last night... Same thing happened again, the body of the model fell from my hand landing on the right windshield post... it was a clean break as it broke on the same spot as before. After some nasty words a some swearing, I glued it back on and will try to blend it back and give it a fresh coat of paint. Good thing was it wasn’t cleared yet so it might work out... Also did some work on the interiors...




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14 hours ago, bobthehobbyguy said:

Love it. Great concept. Well done. Lots of nice fabrication work,

What was the source for the frame?

Thanks... It’s been so long I’m not really sure but... I think it has parts from the sidewinder show truck but mainly the front part of the frame only and the floorboard... everything else is either fabbed or kitbashed...  engine is from the Chezoom detailed kit and the rear en día from the parts box...



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18 hours ago, 1930fordpickup said:

Scrolling through the pictures and there is the body painted black, I did not see that coming. The grill is a total fit or this corn-binder body. Great job on this. 

Thanks... It was originally blue but that went south... Black was a tough choice since the body has so much work done to it... It turned out better than I expected... thanks again...

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