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Model factory hiro Porsche 935/78

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A model factory hiro 1/12 Porsche 935/78.  ( Moby Dick) going to sort out the parts and going to start on  the engine. My friend Mark dropped this over and we are going to start a groupe build. I , Steve H, Chris Smith and Mark have one and we’re going to start building. Thank you Mark for the kit. All of us received a kit from him. A very generous person and very gifted model builder.  The Porsche 917/30 is going have to wait again. 







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Well , not a great start. The deck lid is really warped and so is the front end. Sorting out the white metal and going to fix these problems before I start to build the engine. I like sports cars but really not interested in Porsche. They were funny and beetle like. Saw the 917/30 race at laguna when I was in high school.  I liked that one but the 911 stuff not so much. I’ll be building this and definitely learning.




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17 minutes ago, Bainford said:

This will be very interesting to watch. Shame about the body warpage. That looks tough to fix. It's a pretty significant problem for such an expensive kit.


Thank you guys. Yes Bainford this is troublesome. I wish mfh would package their kits better. Very nervous about the twist  on the body parts. 

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Thank you guys. I compared the bodies of 5 of the same kit and 2 were bad. The others were perfect. But I took a lesson from my friend Mark about resin warp in mfh kits. Did what he said and my body now is fixed, Boiled water and put the parts in for only 30 seconds , took out the part and massaged the part to shape. With gloves on of course. I was a little worried about this. Had a problem with my resin cobra frame. Was a twist . Boiled water and did the same thing. Left the frame in a little longer because it was thick. Well now going to sort out the white metal mess. 






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11 hours ago, Chris Smith said:

Getting a early start I see 👀!!

can’t wait to get mine! Should be fun, but I do see quite a few phone calls between us 😬

Yours should be there soon! It was great to see you and meet your wife. 

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Cleaned up the rims and tires. Alignment of the body panels. The rear of the main body was a little warped so I started to put all the body panels on  to get a overall picture. Put the body on a mirror to see how out of shape things were. A little boiling water on the body here and there and held it into shape. So far looks straight. Starting to get into this. I read this car had 800 hp? 228 at lemans? Not your average beetle. I’m going to paint it gulf blue with orange. This car was never that color. I’m doing a “ what if” . Since there are so many martini cars and the rest of the group are doing the other cars, I thought a “what if car” might be fun. And especially do not have to copy any one particular race car. 07EBB27B-56CC-4322-AD5E-C503633E65FB.thumb.jpeg.8f12dabe1247b31b0240c60f264b634b.jpeg



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11 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

Well Bruce, I am a Porsche fan but I gotta say, the side profile of that model is odd looking. You said you compared this model to 5 others like it.....are you saying you actually have 5 others??

Hello TransAmMike. I do not have 5 but my friend Mark has 5, maybe more. He has a mfh collection like hiro boy in Japan. I was over there a few days ago and I bet there are over 100 mfh kits. He never had to work, as his grandfather was very rich and he inherited most of it. His model storage is around 4000 sf of space. With racks stacked very high. I believe he has over 5000 models , and all are very expensive. ( in the hundreds) . He gets things all over the world. Knows people all over the world. I saw a 1/6 scale tank model of a German tiger tank in pieces. I believe that was $15,000 alone. He made a trade with Mr Hiro. Mr Hiro is interested in wingnut wings. Mark has triple of every model wingnut has made. So he sent over one of those collections and Mr Hiro traded him a bunch of kits. Chris Smith , I, Steve and Mark are doing a build off on these 935/78s. And maybe Mike.  He just gave us these kits. Very kind and generous person. He is also in charge of DeAgostini in the west coast. I have built a bunch of DeAgostini kits and painted some for the company. It’s great I get to build them and keep them. Currently building their ford GT. 1/8 Running out of space with these big kits. Anyway that’s why I have decided to do a “what if” build. Her are some pics of what I received and built from Mark. One made “one great model “ in the other mag. The white Shelby is from agora models , Mark knows Liam White and Liam sent me a free supersnake. 1/8





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58 minutes ago, cobraman said:

Happy to hear you got the warp straightened out. I knew you would.

Hello Ray. These hiro kits are sometimes frustrating. Here is a pic of the parts and how they are packaged. No number reference. Just a pile of parts. It takes hours to sort this out and sometimes weeks to sort out the parts and fix things just to get started. Then on the other hand the detail is so real. After sorting out the parts you become familiar with them. Here are some pics of the parts. I put them in this container. This is my 3rd hiro kit and you start knowing what you need to do. 








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20 hours ago, Chris Smith said:

So this is how it begins 😁👍😁

what color are going to paint the wheel center? Blue or orange. It may look good in black

Hello Chris, I’m going out of order. I am going to paint the wheels orange. Since I’m going the gulf colors route. But now I’m looking at a fluorescent orange. Just might go a regular orange color. Cannot decide. Was also thinking a pearl orange and pearl blue. I need to stop thinking 

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On 5/27/2021 at 10:49 PM, Bainford said:

I’m blown away by how complex that wheel assembly is.

On 5/27/2021 at 10:49 PM, Bainford said:

I’m blown away by how complex that wheel assembly is. 

Hello Bainford. Porsche racing wheels are pretty cool and a little complex. As I am learning, Porsche does everything for a reason. Twenty fins each for the rear wheel. My 917/30 wheels are the same way. Painted the inside rim testors rattle can silver. The centers are trim black and the finned covers are orange. Redrilled the covers and now adding the pe fins. If you like detail, these MFH kits have a lot. I myself am not a detail guy. I like style and the shape of a automobile. I like to paint them.  Anyway here are some pics of the 917/30 wheels and tires. 







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