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Built this funny car using the Revell Motorsports Jungle Jim Vega kit with Chuck Boerner decals.  The kit was a real pain, lots of flash and ill fitting parts, I spent a lot of time trying to clean it all up.  I used parts  from Top Studio, Competition  Resins, and Pro Tech to detail it.  It's painted Tamiya Mica Red and cleared with Tamiya clear and uses silver beading wire for the parachute cord.  It definitely tested my patience, but I'm happy with the results.





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I like Funny Cars so want to build a lot of them but as you pointed out, they usually test your patience which limits my wanting to build more of them.

Yours turned out great and I really like your paint and details that you added. Looks real nice! Thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful job Jim! Hard to believe this started from a poor fitting flashy kit, the finished model looks fantastic from every angle. Your paint and decal work is gorgeous. Are the front and rear black riveted window frames decals? If so, they must have been a real challenge to apply.

If the body can be removed, I would love to see more pics of the engine and chassis details you added. My drag car modeling interests generally don’t  go much beyond ‘67 but your build here is inspiring me to expand my range. Thanks for posting!

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Thank you all for the kind words!  I'm getting ready to start on a monster truck for something different and the Wild Willie Bosch funny car with Slixx decals.  

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