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59' Impala " X"


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So,,the local drag car guy down the street{circa 1969 if you will} is drivin down a country road one day,,passes a farm or two,,and behind one of the barns  he see's  just the back tail shape of the 59' Impala,,so he drives up the driveway,,knocks on the door and asks if the Impala is for sale,,the farmer says yes,,but the motors blown,,needs brakes,,interior is shot,,but Ill let it go for 150$,,car guy pulls out 150$,,says thanks,,and rounds up a few buddies to tow back to shop in his garage,,and wants to build a  open top drag car out of it,,,,,,,8 months later,,  hes got the     IMPALA   "X".                                                 In reality,,this was a 5$  1/2 built glue blob in a ziplock bag I got at the NNL Macomb county Mi  a few years ago,,and decided to give it a whirrl.  I have no idea what brand kit it is,,or what year it was mfg,,it was quite old though,,the glue on it was yellowed  and  just about dried out and cracked,,you could pull everything apart by hand.  Custom cut the chassis to fit drag rear end/slicks,,installed straight front axle from x-tra parts bx,,installed a blown 409  from the x-tras bx,,everything else is from the leftovers parts boxes lying around the house. Hand dremmeled the windshield from leftovers stuff,,,  rims + tires from the leftover parts bxs,, Drag headers installed also. made seat belts for it.  Lookin forward to seeing  "IMPALA  X"    some saturday night at the local strip!   Cheers!










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