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Italeri Ferrari 250 gt California


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Italeri Ferrari model with replicas and miniatures of maryland interior, and carbs.  Reshaped fenders.  Headlights from Fujimi Dino. Windshield taken from burago 250 gt California kit




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Another one of my Ferrari Favorites! This is looking great and especially the windshield you vac-formed looks really good! 👍

My vacuformer has been a lifesaver from rescuing what might have been stalled projects. There are those types of windshields that simply bending clear stencil sheet won't do.

Your engine is looking very nice as well, and those carbs that Norm made make a huge difference. I was able to get one of the last complete V-12 engines he made as I wanted one for my 250 GT..........one of the nicest made engine kits ever done, and certainly require a LOT of patience to build.

Keep up the great work!

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Beautiful work on a subject deserving of the car, skill and commitment you are giving it. Bravo!

I have this model sitting in a box at 60-75% completed. My project sticks very close to the kit. I, too, ordered the correct seats from RepMin and used them. My intention was also to get wire wheels from Fernando Pinto (I have used them before) if the results were up to par. The project was stopped because I haven't been able to properly drill the Marelli distributors to wire the engine. Any tips on how to get this done without trashing the parts? Are there are either pre-drilled or at least indented distributors out there? (I was thinking RepMin from the old motor kits - but Norm is res hopefully recovering so I don't want to reach out to him at this time). Any advice would help immeasurably.

In the meantime I'll be following this project as inspiration.

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For my distributor wires I pick a bit equal in size to my wire.  Carefully pick where I want the wire to go on the distributor and then twist forward and back to get my start before drilling forward rest of the way.  It can be tedious…

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