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Moebius 9 ft spread trailer

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I just ordered one from MEGAHobby for $64.94 with shipping. I tried to get two but got an alert message that said they did not have the inventory.

I wanted one really bad but was having heartburn over the $100+ prices from scalpers on ebay.

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I went to my local hobby shop and bought one the other day for $60.00 and they had 6 others on the shelf!! 

I did an unboxing video of it on my channel if anyone is interested in seeing it.. 


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Finally got my copy yesterday from Model Cave in Ypsi, Michigan, and yes they had plenty more to sell and do mail order.  See their Facebook page for more details.

Checked out the kit last night.  Really impressive.  There are two sets of side rails, one with the "cambered" (presumably unloaded configuration) and one with straight (i.e, loaded) configuration.  Looks to me like a very fun build.  And really cool box art, too!   


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