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Simil’R Matech Ford GT

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I just wrapped this up for the actual vehicle’s owner, Lance Miller.  What a tough kit to build!  Lots of work went into the planning phase on this, including making the nose one piece.  I was able to get some Gravity paint to match the 1:1 car’s midnight blue paint from a friend, rather than the source.  That was topped with Splash 2K clear.  Overall I am very pleased with the results and I hope the new owner will be too!

















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That looks absolutely stunning. Brilliant build of a very challenging kit, and stellar photography as well. Apologies if I missed the WIP, but any tips you have for building one, getting that kind of result and retaining your sanity would be much appreciated by the rest of us with one in the stash!

Well done!



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Outstanding build, Jay.

As mentioned above, I've had this kit in my stash but have been hesitant to take it on.  When I do get to building it I hope mine turns out half as well as yours.

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Excellent build, outstanding result!

I once had this kit in my stash but sold it some years ago because at the time I felt I was not ever gonna take on the amount of work that would come with turning it into a result that could be halfway as nice as yours.

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No words to describe this! Incredible build. Love all of the attention to details, the fine Kevlar and Carbon fiber details, the foil, everything. Incredible build, very well done!!

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